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SPI is a full service investigative firm
serving both public and private sectors.
You have just found a very exciting web site... welcome to the wonderful world of investigation! The internet is definitely a practical way to get the information you need. You searched us out for a reason and now you found us, so come on in and enter the expanding world of “Private Investigation”.

We have been in this business helping people with their individual and business needs for well over twenty years and we have a wealth of knowledge to share. We have worked very high profile cases as well as lesser profile cases using our tested winning investigative team skills.

It’s a great feeling at the end of the work day knowing that we caught an embezzler stealing thousands of dollars from their employer or that we conducted a background screen on a potential nanny and found out she has four previous arrests for assault on a child in two different states. Just locating deadbeat parents that are dodging their obligations is rewarding in itself.

We could go on and on about this exciting industry all day, but you came here because you have some type of problem or investigative need and we have to try and find out what that is and help you fix it.

Inside our site you will find a list of standard services we offer, but don’t worry if your particular requirement is not on the list. Just simply click on the “Contact Now” button and tell us exactly what your situation is. It’s that easy; we either get back to you right away or within the next business day.

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Telephone: 704-817-5401 / 800-203-1844 ext. 5401 / Fax: 704-563-0535
   NC PI License #: 1827
   Member: NCPPSB (North Carolina Private Protective Services Board)
   Member: NCAPI (North Carolina Association of Private Investigators)
   Member: NAIS (National Association of Investigative Specialists)
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