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Welcome to Silent Protocol’s Information Request Page

Through this service we can provide you with a tremendous amount of Investigative services. Your information will be sent to Silent Protocol, who will review your request and follow up by phone or email to confirm price and payment information.
All of the services offered will be returned to you by your choice of email,
fax or postal service within 24 business hours.

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  P.O. Box Break $100 ($40 no hit fee)
Customer Physical Address from Box #
  DOB Locate $25.00
Some identifiers are needed
  Driver License # Locate $25 (where available)
Some identifiers are needed
  Search & Locate $35 an hour (average 3 hours)
Provides current address of subject
  Tag Search $30 average
Provides Vehicle Registration info from License Plate
  VIN Search $30 average
Provides Motor Vehicle Registration info from VIN #
  Vehicle Title Search $75 average
Provides Titles Registration in a particular state
  Past Address Search $40 average
Provides past addresses for subject
  County Criminal Records $25
Some states also have a court fee that will be added
  Statewide Criminal Records $35
Some states also have a court fee that will be added
  Driver History Reports $30 average
  Personal Profile Report $75
  Corporate Profile Reports $100
  Business Credit Reports $75
  Special Finance Reports $250
  Asset searches $500 average
(Lawsuits and Judgments)
  Patriot Act $12
  H.I.T.S. $25
M.A.C.E. - $15
  How would you like us to contact you:
  Contact me via email
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