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How do I get started?
Your initial consultation is free of charge. Just contact us so we can arrange a meeting either by phone or in person to discuss your case and review all objectives in detail.

How will I be informed about the progress of my case?
We will make you aware of the investigation as it progresses. If you require a status update please feel free to give us a call. You will be informed about every step of your case.

How am I involved in the case?
Our investigators will perform all the related research and tasks without needing your intervention. Of course, in some instances we may need your input with regards to information. Most cases are sensitive in nature and our investigators are professionals skilled in completing the tasks discreetly. We have seen many cases in the past that failed when clients intervened in their own investigation. These clients violated different laws tainting their own case. Our investigators are skilled professionals who stay within the legal requirements of current investigative laws.

Are the Investigators licensed?
Our investigators are licensed in accordance with the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board.

How much will it cost to get started?
We bill at a rate of $85.00 per hour and require a retainer fee of $1,500.00 to start your case. You will be billed against your paid retainer at the above rate per hour until the case is completed. If you have a balance left from your retainer when we complete your case we will refund the unused portion along with your final report.

If you exceed the retainer, another agreeable retainer will be required to continue your case based on the tasks remaining and the projected time needed for completion.

When can we get started?
We can review your case immediately and schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your case as needed.

I have a limited budget. How can I collect information on my own?
Click here for our item prices. Keep in mind that in most states any information or evidence that you gather on your own will not be allowed in court proceedings. The information or evidence would be considered biased.
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Feel free to contact us to discuss how we may assist you or your organization.
Telephone: 704-817-5401 / 800-203-1844 ext. 5401 / Fax: 704-563-0535
   NC PI License #: 1827
   Member: NCPPSB (North Carolina Private Protective Services Board)
   Member: NCAPI (North Carolina Association of Private Investigators)
   Member: NAIS (National Association of Investigative Specialists)

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