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Children are the future
It has been said that nothing is more important than your health, and that is probably true until you have children. Their health and well being becomes our number one priority. Having seen my nieces and nephews through toddlers to their pre-teen years, I empathize with parents. But take heart, no one knows more about protecting your children than you: not the police or the teachers in their school or your mom! You are (and guys I’m talking to your wives here) perfectly adapted through generations of evolution for the job. Your instincts are perfect, we simply need to hone your skills. Below is a list of tips to help you do just that along with some excellent resources.

A full length child safety seminar is available by contacting Silent Protocol Inc.

- The vast majority of children are abducted or molested by someone they already know, not a stranger (teacher, coach, babysitter, family member)

- The average child victim must tell nine people before someone calls police

- Nearly 100% of child sexual assault is by Heterosexual males

These are the realities. To overcome them they must first be accepted . The following are some tips and questions you can ask to help you.

- Monitor your child’s computer. It should be placed in a visible area of the house (91% of children do things on the computer they don’t want their parents to know about)

- Ask your school if they conduct background checks and on whom. Many do not screen part time staff or non-teaching staff or volunteers.

- Teach your child to honor their feelings. Let them know it’s alright to say no to an adult and even hit one if they touch them in a private place.

- Know your child’s friends and places they like to hangout. Sudden changes in activities or friends could be signs of trouble.

- Talk to your children and let them know they can talk to you.

- Most important of all TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!!!

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