SPI Searches & Locates:
Process Serving
Threat Assessments
Business Site Survey (and Crisis Management Plan)
Crisis Management Personal
Workplace Violence Prevention Workshop
Home Site Survey (and Lifestyle Survey)
Women's Safety Workshop
Child Safety Workshop
Mystery Shopping
Intellectual Property / Counterfeiting
Missing Persons
Criminal Defense
Nanny Screens
Loss Prevention
Child Custody
Corporate Competitive Intelligence
Prenuptial Investigations
Computer Forensics
P.O. Box Break
Customer Physical Address from Box #
SSN Locate
Some identifiers are needed.
DOB Locate
Some identifiers are needed.
Driver License # Locate
Some identifiers are needed.
Search & Locate
Provides current address of subject.
Tag Search
Provides Vehicle Registration info from License Plate.
VIN Search
Provides Motor Vehicle Registration info from VIN #.
Vehicle Title Search
Provides Titles Registration in a particular state.
Past Address Search
Provides past addresses for subject.
We get under the prints for the real dirt
County Criminal Records
Statewide Criminal Records
Driver History Reports
Personal Profile Report
Corporate Profile Reports
Business Credit Reports
Special Finance Reports
(Multi Criminal Access Evaluator)
Multiple criminal records
Asset searches
(Lawsuits and Judgments)
Patriot Act
Public Sector Services          Private Sector Services

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   NC PI License #: 1827
   Member: NCPPSB (North Carolina Private Protective Services Board)
   Member: NCAPI (North Carolina Association of Private Investigators)
   Member: NAIS (National Association of Investigative Specialists)

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